About Us

You Are The Story Of Every Perfume

Our mission is to accompany you on your journey in search of authentic oriental aromatic scents and to immortalize those moments with every spray of perfume.

Ibrahim Al-Qurashi Is Found In The Midst Of Luxury & Originality

We are proud of our historical deep roots in the perfume trade industry. Our first location was launched in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1929 AD, it was a modest store in front of the Holy Mosque in Mecca, that sold oud and amber and provided distinctive blends of perfumes. In a short span of time this trade became popular and developed, as a result our first showroom was opened in Jeddah, marking the beginning of an ambitious journey and a continuous quest for success.

With persistence, determination and a clear vision, we steadily paved our way to be one of the largest perfume companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

Beauty Picked For Perfection

During our long journey, we have standardized high quality, our experts are sent to various parts of the world, to select the best and finest aromatic herbs, rare flowers, oud as well as other raw materials. They are mixed in a professional manner in our high-end factories producing mixtures of wonderful perfumes.

What Sets Us Apart

Our fragrant exclusivity, uniqueness and passion in creativity is what drives us to excellence as an exclusive brand in the world of luxury oriental perfumes. Our perfumes are distinguished by their unique blends and scents that give each day an oriental touch and tone that accompanies you from dawn to dusk.

Oriental Symphony

We strive to be the primary destination in regards to the manufacturing of oriental perfumes extracted from distinct famous aromatic plants in an Arabic mold that is unique to all parts of the world competing with world renown perfumes in an authentic oriental mold. We also strive to be unique by taking the necessary steps in the renaissance process, locally and internationally by training and qualifying highly professional staff.

Our Vision

Our customer's satisfaction did not arise from nothing. We have always strived to innovate and develop the world of perfumes on a local and global level, we have aspired that the name Ibrahim al Qurashi in the world of oriental perfumes be the first name that is synonymous with made by Saudi Hands. We also aspire to establish the largest oriental perfume factory in the region as the crowning of our long journey and continuation of our confident steps.

CEO Speech

During our long journey and our endeavor to consolidate our leadership in the local and regional market, we have spared no effort and persisted in meeting the desires of our customers, earning us their satisfaction and trust. We will continue to work with sincerity and dedication to improve the quality of our products and develop as a company to exceed the expectations of all our customers by providing them with the best perfumes and distinctive services, and maintaining our leading position that has been enriched by our long-standing experience of more than 80 years.

Over the past years, our company has been able to create a strong relationship with its customers, suppliers and employees, expanding its activities and diversifying its services, believing that the consumer is our main focus in all our developmental stages, and this remains to be the key to our success year after year.

To end, we would like to thank you for your trust, interest and for browsing our website, and we will strive to present new luxurious products that carry the fragrance of the East and will spread through the years with your favorite choices of oud and amber that reflect the heritage and originality of traditions with a mixture of modernity, as well as preserving the rooted values ​​that We are based on with a refined taste defined by long-standing experiences and expertise.